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Announcement For Summer School
Announcement For Summer School
Announcement For Summer School

Announcement For Summer School;

 Important information about the 2020-2021 academic year summer school is listed below;

·         Summer school applications will be made between 12.07.2021 - 16.07.2021.

·         Financial registration procedures and completion of course registrations procedures will be carried out between 21.07.2021 and 23.07.2021.

·         All procedures such as Summer school Application, Financial Registration, course registration etc. . will be made online.

·         If you have any problems during the course registration and Financial Registration stages, it will be sufficient to send an e-mail to

·         Summer school courses will start on 26.07.2021 and end on 10.09.2021..

·         Summer school final exams will be held between 13.09.2021 – 17.09.2021.

·         The payment process has to be finalized in order to complete the course registrations through the system.

The process of application for our university;

Applications will be made on the Student Information System Course Selection screen for the students of our University. (

The process of Application for Students who study from another University;

It is required to fill the application form below and follow the steps in the help guide.

o   Application Link :

o   Click here to access the Reference Guide.

The process of Application for Preparatory Summer School

Students who want to apply for the Preparatory Summer School must send an e-mail to between 12.07.2021 and 16.07.2021 in order to make a pre-application. In case of reaching the minimum number of students determined by the University Senate, Preparatory Summer School will be opened.

 Good Luck.